Beer Serving Temperature Guidelines

A guideline to enjoying your beer at the correct temperature, whether you are serving it or drinking it.

35–40°F (2–4°C): Mass market light Lagers
40–45°F (4–7°C): Czech and German Pilsners, Munich Helles, wheat beers, and Kölsch
45–50°F (7–10°C): IPAs, American Pale Ales, Porters, and Stouts
50–55°F (10–13°C): Belgian Ales, Sours, Bocks, English Bitters and Milds, Scottish Ales
55–60°F (13–16°C): Barleywines, Imperial Stouts, Belgian Strong Ales, and Doppelbocks

Rule of thumb: light body and low alcohol beer tastes better cooler while full body and high alcohol beers are better warmer.