How to handle an ABInBev Purchase

 In light of the most recent news of Wicked Weed Brewing being purchased by ABInBev I felt it was necessary to discuss how to handle such news since this one was close to home. 

We at CraftBeerTraders have been big supporters of Wicked Weed brewing over the past years.  We were there for their first bottle release (Serenity) and all subsequent bottle releases for that first year (the good old yellow caps).  We were there for their Funkatorium grand opening as well as every Angel release the first year.  Needless to say, we love Wicked Weed Brewing.  The recent news of them being bought by ABInBev didnt really come as a shock to us. We knew at some point it was going to happen. But as the news flooded the community today, we were a bit saddened.  Somewhat for the fact that they day had come and another great brewery has been acquired by Big Beer and some for the harsh backlash that Wicked Weed is taking.  So I felt the need to point out a few things.


First, you have every right to be upset about this news, its devastating to the Craft Beer market.  But there are a few things you shouldnt be mad about.  First, dont be mad at the owners. The owners took a business (some times from a home brewing hobby) and grew it to something that was worth being purchased.  Its the American dream to be able to build something from nothing and be able to retire and/or take care of your family from it. From a purely business perspective its something to be celebrated, so do not be mad at the owners.  Second, do not be mad at the Staff or be rude to them in any way.  They did not sign the contract and are probably as upset by this as you are.  Remember, they are craft beer lovers just as much as you are. Third, dont instantly start trash talking the brewery, writing bad reviews and causing an out lash on social media.  Because they are now owned by ABInBev does not discredit the environment they built, the beers they produced and the ground breaking ideas that got them to where they are now. As I mentioned, you have a right to be upset, but be upset over the right things.


CraftBeerTraders will no longer be supporting Wicked Weed Brewing and here is our reason why.  Its not because we are mad at the owners or the employees.  Its because we will not support businesses who oppose independent craft beer.  Companies who try and push the little guy out and put money in the hands of corporate stock holders rather than local farmers and local workers.  It is for this reason we will not support Wicked Weed Brewing.  Support your local brewery.  CraftFreedom