Is Stone Hinting Charlotte?

enjoy_bottle_0704_web_2Everyone knows Stone Brewing is looking for an East Coast location to open a brewery and distribution facility.  With estimates of spending almost 60 Million over the next few years cities like Greensboro, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach have all thrown their names in the pile for Stone to consider.  But who is it going to be?  Every city thinks that they have the upper hand with Stone making some site visits to places or the owner being in town years ago.  Truth is no one knows and Stone is not telling anyone.   Or are they?  Could it be right in front of our faces?  Stone released their next Enjoy By for 7.04.14.  Charlotte is expecting the announcement of a new brewery on 7.04.14.    Hmmm  Charlottes area code just happens to be 704.  Coincidence?!?  Maybe.  But this guy thinks that Stone laid out a pretty big hint without saying it outright.  Lets see how that plays out.