SsBrewTech Announces a Brew Bucket Mini

KWBarnes_SSBrewTech_02_1024x1024SsBrewTech has just announced that they will be producing a Brew Bucket Mini for small batch Brewers. Everything we have come to love from the Brew Bucket but now in a 3.5gal version.  Here’s what we know, the capacity will be 3.5 gallons and have around a 10 inch diameter. It will also have all the awesome features as its big brother 7gal version such as the conical bottom and rotating racking arm. It really is a Brew Bucket Mini.  They haven’t released a price on it yet but I expect it to be priced affordable.  SsBrewTech is aiming for an October/November 2015 timeframe.  Check out the link for the Brew Bucket Mini here: SsBrewTech Brew Bucket Mini and learn more about the larger Brew Bucket from our older post SsBrewTech Brew Bucket and FTS