SsBrewTech Insulated InfuSsion Mash Tun

Ss Brewing Technologies has just announced its newest product, their InfuSsion Mash Tun.  This is a dual wall, foam insulated, high grade Stainless Steel loaded with features.

SsBrewTech has it posted on their website, their new InfuSsion Mash Tun has better temperature efficiency/retention then plastic.  This new design is dual wall 304Ss with foam insulation as well as a foam insulated lid to aid in heat retention.  Other features include a removable false bottom with a center pickup for better efficiency, a 304Ss 3pc ball valve, a thermowell and precision LCD thermometer.  It also looks like they have listened to customer feedback and moved their riveted handles from the sides to the front for easier carrying.  These handles are also wrapped in silicone for better grip. Not to mention you can hang the lid on the handles as well.  But what I think is the most important and the greatest addition is the etched volume markers!  They are saying that they will have volume markers starting from 1 gallon!   Right now we see only a 10gal option but have inquired to see their future plans and sizes.  But from what we have seen from SsBrewTech this is only the beginning!  Home Brewing has just took a dramatic change!

These will be available and shipping around June of 2015 and pre-orders will be starting shortly.  They are doing a 1/3 deposit now and the 2/3 paid when the item ships. Check out their site and get on the email list for pre-orders.  We are already on that list!