Ultimate Home Brew System Build

IMG_6656[1]If you are like us, you wish you had a full commercial home brew system in your garage but really have a converted igloo cooler and grandmas old sauce pot. Well we decided its time for a change. We decided its time for us to upgrade our home brew setup to something a bit more professional.  But where do we start? There’s a lot of equipment manufacturers out there but which make quality equipment? What type of system are we going to build? How much is this going to cost us?  These are all the questions running through our minds and I bet yours as well if you are looking to start upgrading your equipment.  Well over the next few months we are going to build a setup and document our decisions step by step.  We will be doing equipment comparisons, installation guides and document all of our decisions along the way.  We have already made our first decision, the size of our setup.  We are going to build a 20 gallon system (half barrel) which we feel is a perfect size for home brewing.  We will be able to brew high gravity small batches as well as do split batches for experimentation.  Now that we know the size, the next step is choosing the equipment.  First step, Kettles!   Keep an eye out for our next post in this blog series where we will compare kettles from different manufacturers.