We see some Hopslam in your near future

Thats right! Hopslam is hopping off the bottling line of Bell’s Brewery at this very moment. The very limited Double IPA brewed with honey, six varietals of hops and dry hopped with with Simcoe. Hopslam is a special kind of DIPA that gets better with age (Not common with most IPA/DIPA’s). This beer gives off grapefruit, stone fruit, and floral notes and is rounded out with a malt forward mouth feel and a touch of honey.

Hopslam on the bottling line at Bell's Brewery









Look out for Hopslam in these areas on these dates.

Week of Jan. 12: Michigan and Missouri

Week of Jan. 19: Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California

Week of Jan. 26: Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Puerto Rico and Arizona

Week of Feb. 2: Minnesota, North Dakota and Indiana