Westbrook Mexican Cake Release Date

MEXICAN-CAKE-STICKERWestbrook Brewing Co. has announced the date of Mexican Cake release today via their Facebook page after having gone back and added another addition of peppers to amp up the heat earlier this month. Friday May 23rd will be the day it releases at the brewery in Charleston SC with distribution getting it in the following week.    They are limiting it to a case (12 btl) per person and selling for $12.   Last year Mexican Cake was released in 3 barrel aged variants and word is that being bumped up to 5 this year with 4 roses and tequila barrels possibly!   This 10.5% abv Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon and fresh habanero peppers was originally released back in January 2012 to celebrate Westbrooks first year as a brewery.  Now the release is annually around the May time frame (all depending on the beer).